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Gifts...Part II!
Cabin Fever Reliever

Break free from cabin
fever blues with this
traditional Alaskan soap
Scented with essential
oils of juniper berry, sage,
litsea and lavender.
Borealis Buzz Off Soap
Contains the pure essential oils of
cedarwood, rosemary, citronella,
and pennyroyal, creating a soap
designed to naturally repel insects.
Gardener's will appreciate all the
help they can get when it comes to
ALL those pesky winged-critters
that buzz in your ear! This soap is
biodegradable and will also make a
great addition to your camping gear.
Arctic Breeze
"Ginger Lime"
Cool as the breeze that drifts off the
Arctic Ocean, this snappy soap is
colored with a touch of nutmeg...
"Lavender Oatmeal"
This lovely soap is named after our
delicate state flower. Finely ground oats
are incorporated into this fine bath soap
for a gentle scrub that also helps soften
skin. Lavender with a dash of
Wild Cranberry Soap
Wild Blueberry Soap
Buzz Off Spray
In Alaska, the mosquito is sometimes referred to as "the state bird"! As with
the Buzz Off soap, this product contains pure essential oils of cedarwood,
citronella, rosemary and pennyroyal in a potent spray that naturally repels
bugs and insects. Comes in a convenient 2 oz plastic bottle for packing
IT REALLY WORKS and I am sold on this product forever!  
We put it to the test at our outdoor wedding and it truly saved the
day...each bridesmaid carried one for last minute relief behind her
bouquet and the guests found one waiting at each table! Not only
did it keep the bugs away but the fresh citrus-fragrance was like
added perfume on the breeze!
Chocolate Lily
The beautiful Chocolate Lily is one of the
first wildflowers to come up in the
Alaska plant buffs will know Chocolate Lilies
are somewhat on the stinky side...NEVER
They've taken some liberties and sweetened
the soap up a bit with lily-of-the-valley
fragrance oil.
Wild Geranium Soap
Scented with rose geranium,
lemongrass and hyacinth.
This fine handmade soap is a tribute to the
memorable fields of fiery pink Fireweed.
(After a fire this wildflower is quick to germinate
and take over a burn area, hence the name
The flower blooms from the bottom up and in
Alaska folklore, when the final petals open
at the top of the stalk it signifies the end of summer.
Scented with lemongrass, cedarwood and gardenia
Wild Iris Soap
From the hardy purple Siberian Iris
that thrives in the woods of
south-central and south-east
This pretty soap is scented with
lilac, cedarwood and tangerine!
Denali Dreams knows that the toughest guys often have the
most delicate skin, so they developed a hefty bar of soap to
scrub away dirt and sweat, while moisturizing with a gentle
silky smooth lather that rough hands and bodies will
appreciate. Spruce up with this all natural bar of soap infused
with the woodsy scent of Alaska!
Get Ferociously Clean!!! Grrr!
FisherMan Soap is specially blended to
get icky fishy stink off of hands and/or
any other body parts that may have gotten
slimed while you were reeling in your
catch of the day. Fresh ground coffee
neutralizes bait smell, while the essence
of lemon leaves you smelling clean and
fresh. Clean up hook, line, and sinker, on!
(Another product that
REALLY works!
Don't know how we'd make it through
charter season without it!)